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Bathe in Luxury with Fletcher Baths

Whether you are looking to replace your bathtub, get a brand new bath and shower combo, create a relaxing getaway with a whirlpool tub, or you want to upgrade to a walk-in bathtub, Fletcher Baths is here for you! With so many options for your bathroom remodel and over 86 pattern and color combinations, we can create the bathroom of your dreams at a price you can afford! 

All of our products are sealed with an exclusive adhesive system that creates a permanent, unyielding fit. Our products are created to last, so you can rest knowing that they will never warp, bend, or separate.

Our expert team can finish your bathroom remodel in as little as ONE DAY! Let Fletcher Baths create the bathroom you've always wanted so that you can just sit back and relax after a long day.

Contact Fletcher Baths today to receive a FREE in-home design consultation! 

Bathtub Replacement
Fletcher Baths Bathtub Replacement Stafford VA

Bathtub Replacement

Your bathtub should be a relaxing oasis for you to unwind after a long, hard day. Porcelain or cast iron tubs can be a huge hassle, but Fletcher Baths has a large variety of bathtubs, surrounds, accessories, hardware, and more to create a gorgeous space made just for you! With Fletcher Baths, you can create the bathroom of your dreams at a price you can afford! 

Our custom bathtubs are made from durable, low-maintenance acrylic, all while being eco-friendly and 100% recyclable! All of our products are infused with an antimicrobial substance, which is a technology that actively prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and microbes to keep your bathroom cleaner and healthier.

Bathub Shower Combo
Fletcher Baths Bathtub Shower Combo Stafford VA

Bathtub Shower Combo

While most of us enjoy a nice, long soak in a luxurious tub, there are times when we need to get ready quickly and efficiently – so why not have the option for both?


Fletcher Baths has a wide selection of bathtub and shower combos, providing the combos, accessories, surrounds, and custom designs you’re looking for at a reasonable price. 


With so many options to choose from, Fletcher Baths can provide you with a bathtub and shower combination that is as unique as the rest of your home!

Whirlpool Tubs
Fletcher Baths Bathroom Renovation Stafford VA

Spa & Whirlpool Tubs

There is nothing better than relaxing in a whirlpool tub after a long day at the office. Having a tub that is deeper than a standard tub with built-in armrests, water jets and warm-air massage jets seems like the height of luxury, but with Fletcher Baths’ financing plans it is achievable for anyone!


If the water jets and warm-air massage jets aren’t your style, we also have a deep soaking tub that’s over 20 inches deep to provide that spa-like relaxation without the whirlpool jets. We want to make sure you feel refreshed and renewed each time you soak in your brand-new tub!

Walk-In Tubs
Fletcher Baths Walk In Tub Installation Stafford VA

Walk-In Tubs

Create a space where you can not only relax, but you can also feel safe while doing so. Fletcher Baths’ walk-in tubs have an exclusive SimplySafe leak-proof side door, allowing you to soak with easier and safer access. Our walk-in tubs can be customized to fit your every want and need, including built-in seats, whirlpool jets, and safety equipment, such as ADA-compliant grab bars. 

When you’re ready to improve the safety, accessibility, and luxury of your bathroom with a walk-in tub, Fletcher Baths and our expert staff are here to guide you through the entire process – from picking your unique style to the installation.

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